Introducing Community Foundation Giving Cards

The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty wants you to know about an exciting gift idea for your friends, colleagues, neighbors and others who may be difficult to find that “perfect” gift.

The Community Foundation is now offering Giving Cards. The Giving Card Program provides an opportunity for everyone to engage in charitable giving in a way that is unique, meaningful and fun. Cards can be purchased to celebrate any occasionsuch as a birthday, holiday, retirement or for a job well done.

Much like a retail gift card, Giving Cards may be redeemed to benefit any of the Community Foundation’s charitable funds. Giving Cards can be ordered online or purchased in person at The Community Foundation’s office.  100% of the purchase is tax-deductible. Giving Cards can be purchased in any amount over $25.  A small service fee of $2.50 is applied for each transaction.  No longer will you have to choose the Fund to benefit from your donation. Instead, the recipient of the Giving Card will be able to personally choose the Fund they wish to benefit. 

Example:  you purchase a Giving Card in the amount of $50 and give the Giving Card to your Friend.  Your Friend will choose the Fund they want to benefit from their Giving Card at The Community Foundation.  They will make the decision where to put the $50 and will be able to choose from any of the 140+ Funds available at The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty.

Giving Cards may be redeemed in person or online. The value of the Giving Card may be directed to the charitable fund of the cardholder’s choice.  Giving Cards may not be redeemed in exchange of any goods or service (i.e. tickets to event).

For more information contact The Community Foundation’s office at 513-874-5450.